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. that's andre carter, cbs 5 football analyst. . >>> former cal star shawn lindley got himself a court sight seat, cal hosting washington state. cal took a 29-27 lead at intermission. second half, justin cobb off the screen, the elbow jump shot, good. it was a close game throughout the afternoon, but in the end, wallace again. the freshman off the bench, had a career high 16. cal pulls away, winning 67-54 and improved to 2-2 in the pac- 10. >>> santa clara welcoming in byu this afternoon. first half, broncos down 6. clark makes the nice pass. santa clara, down 9 at the break. second half, kevin foster would bring santa clara back. nice finish with the left hand. foster had 22. game tied. byu went on an 18-0 run. tyler haas from downtown had 24. byu runs away 82-64. santa clara now falls to 1-3 in conference. >>> coach k and duke, one of few unbeaten teams in college basketball. midway through the second, seth curry leads. later in the half, curry slips and falls. ankle injury. runs in that family. so the wolfpack took advantage. tj lesl
at this bay area gun show that continues later today at the cal palace. what is motivating so many buyers. >>> near record cold outside our doors. i'll have your numbers coming up. >>> the number of flu cases in the bay area on the rise. how health care workers are trying to protect themselves and how some nurses nation-wide have lost their jobs. >>> and a thrilling victory for niners fans as the team advances. we'll show highlights from the big win over the packers. >>> and good morning, everybody welcome to mornings on 2 it's sunday, january 13th i'm brian flores. >> and i'm claudine wong. if you thought it was cold yesterday morning, welcome to today. it's freezing out there. let's check in with rosemary. >> you said it. anywhere from two to three to six degrees warmer. frost advisory from the bay area. the freeze warning for our inland areas and when we say 20s i'm talking low 20s in some areas. santa rosa reporting a little bit of freezing fog this morning it is bone chills in some cases. we'll have a look at it for this hour coming up. >>> happening now day two of a huge gun show is
. sean goldstein for safety and andy lee. other notable bay area players, aaron rodgers, and two more cal bears, marshawn lynch and tony gonzalez, and richmond sherman named to the all-pro team. >> switch guys. college hoops. cal hosting washington state. both teams 9-6 but the cougars looking for the first conference win. total team effort from the bears. copps to sol -- cobbs to kolele solo month. time winding down. sherman gets the lose ball, lays it in. power on wallace into the action. the offensive rebound and putback. led the bears with 16 points, cal improves to 10-6, beating the cougars 67-54. >> santa clara looking for the first win at home against byu since 1961. the missed layup but carlino there is for the put-in. then kevin foster, two of his 22. broncos up. byu too tough down the stretch, goes on to win 82-6 4. niners and the packers are tied at 14. we'll have complete highlights at 9:00 and 11:00, and the girl scouts are in he house tonight. make sure you buy some. >> thank you, shu. the white house takes on star wars. what they're saying about a request to build the ♪ i
as head coach for the rams from 2002 to 2005. >>> washington state and cal. sunny dice, the new head coach at cal. richard salomon with the block. on the other end. he'll flush. cal led by two at recess. now in the second half. the miss. tyrone wallis, the rebound, the putback. cal wins, 67-54 over washington state. >>> byu at santa clara. the broncos looking to avoid their third straight loss. byu up by three. foster drives and scores. santa clara within one at this point. but then byu went on a tear, up by 13. here's tyler haws nailing the three. he had a game high 24 points. byu wins, 82-64. they remain undefeated in conference play. >>> the nhl lockout unofficially ended last sunday, and officially ended today. that's when nearly 700 players voted to okay the agreement they actually made with the owners last weekend. there's just one last document to be clarified before training camp's going to officially begin either tomorrow or monday. we're still not sure when that's going to happen. >>> a cool event at sonoma raceway. the second annual john's march against stomach cancer, supporter
honors. and two more cal bears, marshawn lynch and tony dplez get the nod and richard sherman also named to the team. >>> let's switch gears. college hoops. packet -- pac-12, calhouseing washington. the cougars looking for their first conference win. sonny dikes is everybody. -- everywhere. total team effort. solomon throws it down. time winding down in the first. bears up 2 at the break. then wallace getting in on the action. the offensive rebound and putback. led the bear with 16. cal improves to 10-6. 2-2 in pac-12 play, beating the cougars 67-54. >> santa clara, looking for their first win at home against byu since 1961. first half. byu on the break. josh sharp misses the layup. and matt carlino puts it back in. santa clara trying to keep it close. bron doughs down 50-49. bu too tough down the stretch. bu wins 82-64. that final. >>> 20th ranked nc state hosting number one duke. first half. wolfpack force the steal. it's jammed home. nc state up two at the break. steph curry's brother, seth. the wolfpack break yay, handing duke their first loss of the year, 84-76 that final. >> the ho
that interests barbara thompson that came to the cal show at the palace for ammunition. >> i live on a ranch and i have critters that i have to protect and a family. >> and ammo is hard to come by. several types sold out on day one of the show. >> all the way down here and stood in line for an hour. that's how bad it is. >> the demand for all thing gup related has hit unpress dented levels since lawmakers talked about harbor gun laws since sandy hook last month. >> i want to get whatever i can before anything changes. >> we were expecting a large crowd. we had no anticipation that we would have a crowd like this. >> they wouldn't let the media inside the building but with a crowd of 18,000, it was packed inside. >> and pretty much knew we weren't going to get ammo. the lines are like incredibly long. >> and some lawmakers want to make it harder to get ammo with stricter rules. >> right now it is so easy for anyone to bullets. >> gun enthusiastics tightening the law where people are stocking up. >> i have three or four guns but i can't get ammo. what good is that. >> sunday is the final day o
where they doing a medicare/medi-cal experiment to supplement. those counties are not really within our reach right now. those are like riverside county or l.a. county or counties where the amount that medicare/medi-cal is going to supplement is not going to necessarily meet the needs of the property owner. >> okay. >> and there is also, again, you motioned world war ii generation. world war ii, korea and vietnam vets, there is a program called the veteran's aid in attendant benefit which will help them. anyone who is a spouse of a widow or veteran, helping them with $1,100 a month up to a married couple of veterans, getting $2,500 a month from the va. >> i would assume there is a way to ask for people if they in a moderate income situation, in other words, if the place looks expensive, don't discount it until you ask the question. is there any accommodation for this? >> it never hurts to ask. the other thing is that, again, certain properties when they were built had to enter into a partnership with the county to get some tax savings and tax subsidies. they had to open up a certain amo
afc title game with the 38-35 double overtime victory. >> switch gears, college hoops, cal hosting washington state. both team s 9-6. cal's new football coach in the house. total team effort for the bears, cobbs to solomon. throws it down. seven points and eight boards. time winding down. thurman gets the loose ball. bears up two at the break. freshman wallace getting in on the action. the offensive rebound and putback. led the bear with 15. cal improves to 10-6. 2-2 in pac-12 play, beating the cougars. >> stanford hosting washington. late second half. rarntiond -- game tied. time wiping down. huskies get the rebound to wilcox. all alone, he lays it in. washington wins, 65-60. stanford falls to 10-7. >> santa clara looking for the first win at home against byu. the layup is missed but carlino there for the putback. byu up nine. santa clara trying to keep it close. broncos down one but byu too tough. game-high 25. byu wins 82-64. >> wcc matchup. st. mary's and usf. the inbound pass to hope. sales the game for the gaels. check out the three-quarter court heave. nothing but net. it co
now, you would think we would test comb cal effects on breast tissue, generally not happen ining the way it needs to so that's a wonky solution but a super important one. >> [inaudible]. >> yes? >> you cannot really boil to kill it? >> so, it's always good to wash your fruits and vegetables but a lot of the pesticide residues don't just wash off, they are in the food, deeper than just the surface, or they adhere really strongly, so you can get some residue off by washing but a lot of it, if pesticides are used, you can't get it all off unfortunately, so that's kind of a downer answer, but, sure. so, it actually segways very well into this next point is that we have to back up and have comprehensive laws that ensures all chemicals are safe, there are 80 thousand synthetic chemicals register ined the market that doesn't include all pesticides or chemicals used in cosmetics and cleaning products so there are tons of them. they're often regulated by different federal agencies, the fda regulates cosmetics, the environmental protection agency, pesticides and most synthetic chemicals bu
. this was going to be an abbreviated 48 game season. the sharks' first game in cal gahry one -- calgary one week from today. >>> a local school being disinfected this weekend after dozens of students got sick in could not croft -- could contra costa county. it includes vomiting, dire rae and -- diarrhea and stomach pain. classes will be held tomorrow, though. >>> in the north bay, authorities in petaluma have identified the body of a man found in a recycling center. the sonoma county schaefers office says the body -- sheriff's office says the body was found by an employee early friday afternoon. investigators say there's no obvious signs of trauma to the body but they are calling the death suspicious. they say it looks as though the body was in the dumpster that was then emptyied into a recycling truck. an autopsy is expected on monday. >>> among the bay area three biggest cities, san francisco had the most significant increase in homicides last year and yesterday a memorial walk was held in honor of those murder victims. there were 68 homicides in
. >> you're not going to be looking at the computer. >> reporter: but is training enough? cal post has invested $200,000 to fund a study to quantify how distracted driving affects officers. >> multitasking is a myth. it ain't there. >> reporter: dr. brian vila oversees the research at washington state university. he says no police agency wants this. in austin, text, a vehicle driven by a police officer ran a stop sign and struck this motorcyclist. >> i just didn't pay attention. hit send. >> reporter: the officer admitted he was using a dashboard computer. and police in ft. wayne, indiana, are using new technology that shuts down most computer functions when the car is moving faster than 15 miles an hour. >> if i could get you to stare here. >> reporter: in the study sensors track the officers' eye movement and heart rate in this simulator designed to mimic the inside of a police cruiser. the officer must stay within 100 feet of this car at 55 miles an hour while checking and tapping a monitor when they see key words. >> when somebody's killed or injured, when they hit someone else, wh
from so cal to watch the game. >> you can watch it down there. >> no, we have to be in san francisco. definitely. >> even if it's on tv. >> absolutely. got to be in the crowd. >> you are in the crowd now. how does it feel ? >> it feels great. this is perfect. couldn't be better. >> first play of the 4th quarter. frank gore two yard run as another 49er touchdown. left no doubt about where the game was heading. >> bad defense. right mimic right place . best defense in the league. they are on top of their game tonight. they are so pumped up. they are going to the superbowl. >> the 49ers have made believers of their already faithful fans. >> reporter: well, if we're lucky to be doing this again next week, same time, same place celebrating another 49er win. if we're lucky. these fans all think we will be. ann, back to you. >> fingers crossed. thanks, don. >>> there's another big story tonight. it is cold. freeze warnings are going up tonight. >> i don't even think many people understand how cold it is outside. they are whipping it up this evening. good evening. let's head outside right no
to dominate the middle-east, establish a cal fay. to -- they are focused on that with amazing zealotry and consistenciful they are on the rise in the middle-east, in iraq, in syria, in libya, in northern africa, in mali. that's just the harsh reality of it. certainly, it came very close to all of us, being on the rise in libya, as a result of the fiasco in benghazi. they are taking advantage of the revolutionary change that is sweeping through the middle-east. they are not the catalysts for tbut they see it as an opportunity and they are all in. so mali is important to us. but it runs square in the face, i think of the obama administration's policy, which is unstated, disengage from the middle-east. >> jamie: it sounds like, even if we near one place and not another, we will never be able to let our guard down. in order to do that, we not only need administration support. we have the military commitment. it seems to me, we need the public support, also for our troops and our familiarly and the job that they do. i am going to throw you -- not a curve ball, but it may sound like an odd-b
as 10% and as high as 30%. lib tarnse if they were lib tarnse if they were political cal and
. there is solomon again. cal led by a deuce at halftime and washington state shoot just 33% from the field. huge boost from the freshman tyrone wallace, who comes off the bench to score 16. cam is 2-2 in the pac-12. st. mary's appears to be the best men's basketball team in the bay area. today they took down the dons. the dons are still looking for their first win of the west coast conference schedule. mike mitchell young scores 14. gaels win, 78-72 and also today byu cougars are 4-0 in the west coast conference after they beat santa clara toe. >> it's the third round of the sony open in honolulu. 23-year-old golfer rookie scott langley started two back and starts with a 26'birdie. langley, 5 under 65, another 23- year-old rookie, russell henley. they set a new course record by finishing 17 under par after 54. langley finishes 65. so for the fourth straight day langley and henley will be paired together for the final round. >>> now that the nhl lockout is officially over, sharks announced that they will open their 48-game schedule sunday january 20th. that is sports as we see it it this saturda
, that the afghans will not be able to effectively counter what still remains a significant cal bontaliban and significantly discordant situation in both afghanistan and across the border in pakistan. so i think you probably are going to see an unraveling gradually. i think there's only one afghan brigade that is capable of acting independently. these forces need air support intelligence, all of the kind of logistics and other support that is necessary to be effective. fighting forces, they're not going to have that, and so i am much less an optimist about this eventual outcome. but when you look at the middle east, look at what happened at iraq, look at what happened in syria, the united states no longer leading from behind waiting from behind, and then you look at the decisions concerning afghanistan, you can understand why people throughout the region believe the united states is withdrawing and that is not good for the region. >> schieffer: let me ask you this senator. we went to afghanistan in the beginning because we wanted them to deny al-qaeda a safe haven the terrorists who cause
with such a powerful photo that it ended up sort of dominating the actual content of the art cal that was below the photo which said, look, this is one-third better than previous administration equal can bottom line and deep problems in the pipeline. at the same time, i think also, there's that photo is not nothing. i mean, it says something about what the inner circle is. i'm curious what you guys think about invented issue or real issue? >> i think it's important that we're having discussion but i think it way more complicated than the photo. we've had a year of photos and there's another one of a bunch of people to speak in congress about birth control none of whom were women so we're sensitized to this conversation. but fundamentally what's interesting is why we're having it and a little bit deeper about what it means for what comes next. 1 of 3 people who voted in this election were women who voted for obama. we had a discussion about binders of women. we're having this discussion about the cabinet largely because of how we got here. i think the personal matters but what that means for the
cruz sentinel" in cal has the headline, "gun control a loaded argument." the authors of the article ask several experts if we are safer against an intruder with a gun in our hands. the "daily courier in" prescott, arizona writes about barry goldwater's photographs, an exhibit that opened this weekend features photographs taken by the conservative senator. most of the photos are portraits of the navajo heem and pictures of the arizona landscape. the "los angeles times" has a story about how the university of arizona is the first in the country to offer a minor degree in hip-hop. the school added that concentration toyotas africana studies program. it's part of a trend to give serious academic study to the subject. that's kind of fun. >>> well, not fun, the new and deadly violence in afghanistan, which has killed at least seven civilians. this in a blast inside a mosque following a night raid by nato and afghan troops. that violence comes amid fresh reaction to an accelerated timeline for u.s. troops to withdraw from the region. earlier on "meet the press" colin powell said the u.s. would
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)